Vegaterian Menu

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Our 15 item Vegaterian Menu


Mango Mascarpone, Apricot & Raisin Canape


White bean pasted filled Barquette topped with Sundried Tomatoes


Savoury Gorgonzola Mousse Profiterole topped with honey & crushed pistachios


Stuffed Hard Boiled Egg topped with Gherkins


Cheese Finger Sandwich


Traditional Maltese Pea Cake


Mini Pizza


Hummus shooter with carrots & cucumbers


Mexican Bean & Vegetable Salad


Cheese Falafel Mini Burger


Deep fried spicy breaded avocado piece


Fried Camembert Cheese


Vegetable Spring Roll


Fancy Cake


Fresh Fruit Skewer


€9.00 excl VAT per person
Dietary Requirements
Dietary Requirements Vegetarian
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Menu 4

Set menu 4 is made up of 20 items. Minimum order is of 8.
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Pulled Pork Buns

A sesame brioche bun filled with our mouth watering, 17 hour slow cooked, BBQ pulled pork
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Mini Cheese Meat Burger

Mini burger filled with onion marmalade & mature cheese
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Traditional Maltese Cheese Cake

All time favourite, pastizz tal - irkotta
€0.30 excl VAT per person
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