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Our 11 item Vegan Menu


Tapanade & Cherry Tomato on a Cucumber base


Flavourful Vegetable Couscous Salad


Seasonal Vegetable Roll up


Marrow & Cherry Tomato Skewer


Hummus Shooter with Carrots & Cucumber


Mexican Beans & Vegetable Salad


Roasted Cauliflower with Curry


Oriental Mushroom Salad


Pitta pocket filled with Seasonal Vegetables


Roasted Potato Skewer


Fresh Fruit Skewer

€15.00 excl VAT per person
Dietary Requirements
Dietary Requirements Vegan
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Chicken & Mushroom Duxelle Vol - au - Vent

Seasoned chicken breast & mushroom duxelles stuffed in a flaky puff pastry
€0.45 excl VAT per person
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Assorted Canapes

An assortment of four different canapes: Toasted French stick topped with Italian beans, capers, chives, olives & radish (V), Toasted French stick topped with mascarpone, sundried tomato, pancetta & chorizo, Toasted bread topped with smoked salmon cream cheese paste, parsley, caviar & lemon wedge, Toasted brown bread with mango mascarpone, curry, apricot & coconut flakes(V)
€0.41 excl VAT per person
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Pea Cake

Baked, crispy pea cake
€0.23 excl VAT per person
+ -

Seafood Barquette

Barquette filled with tuna chunks, anchovies, cheese, parsley, lemon juice & zest. Topped with assorted herbed zesty mussel & sweet chili prawn
€0.51 excl VAT per person
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