The Big Kitchen


Neriku Catering's contract catering wing has grew so much that it now has its own identity: The Big Kitchen (TBK)


 Mission Statement

TBK is committed to consistently deliver the highest quality food and service, whilst relentlessly driving to be the lowest cost, most efficient provider.



Our Approach

We are customer – centric; our clients can always expect flexibility, responsiveness & distinctive service!


Our strategic services help organizations, of all sizes, to focus on their core business while we focus on optimizing the performance of their catering services to exceed their customers’ or employees’ expectations.


At TBK, we believe it’s not what you do; it’s how you do it! For us, two vital ingredients are needed to build strong partnerships with our clients. The first is to fully comprehend and understand our clients and this is done by standing side-by-side with them to clearly understand what they need and the direction they are heading.  Secondly, an unwavering commitment to helping them be better, every single day. We pay attention to every single detail and raise the bar by constantly improving and innovating every time we recognise an opportunity to do so.



Our Services


TBK is divided into 4 main branches; healthcare, tourism, education and business. TBK is proud to serve a variety of well – established entities on the Maltese islands. Our industry expertise is very comprehensive, including the operation of on-site catering, vending machines, meal delivery services, executive dining experiences, and other managed services. 



Our Food Philosophy


Using research and our team's expertise, all the menus TBK offers are crafted with the highest standards whilst keeping the different clients and their respective needs and requests in mind.


1) Nutritional Standards – Working alongside our nutritionist, our head chef creates recipes that deliver optimal nutritional value, calorie intake and portion size.


2) Wholesome Ingredients – we make use of healthy and nourishing ingredients, to offer a well – balanced diet.


3) Classic yet Contemporary Menus – From experience, our chefs are knowledgeable on a community’s food tastes and preference whilst they also stay up – to date about the latest culinary trends. Our menus contain a blend of timeless classics, local flavours and contemporary dishes. 


4) We Cook from Scratch – At TBK we believe that cooking is an artform and that the meals we serve have the potential to create memorable experiences for our consumers. That’s why our chefs cook from scratch with a passion. On a daily basis our chefs are carefully chopping, cooking and crafting meals for the day using small-batch recipes.


5) Flavour & Appearance of Meals – TBK seeks to provide food that is prepared by methods that conserves flavour, appearance whilst serving it at the proper temperature.


6) Dietary Requirements – we can create meals to meet specific dietary requirements and medical conditions such as lactose free, vegetarian, vegan and halal meals. Furthermore, we offer texture modified meals for individuals suffering from dysphagia.


7) We Menu by Season – we change our menus according to season, incorporating produce that is at its peak freshness. We also offer seasonal treats such as prinjolata, zeppoli, figolli, November bones, Christmas sweets.


Email us on [email protected] for further information!