Quality Standards

The current and future success of Neriku Catering depends on how perfect we can meet the demands of our customers. These standards concern the quality of our products, production and customer service. 


To guarantee high quality, we have established controlled, well organised processes and service structure in our company.


  • An effective Food Safety Quality Management System which is applied to our daily operations
  • The organisation is HACCP compliant according to EC 852/2004 
  • Raw materials are only purchased from approved suppliers
  • Microbiological Food Sampling Programme is applied to verify quality and safety in our products and meals
  • Monitoring procedures to prevent cross contamination related to food allergens
  • Regular Internal audits are performed by an In House Quality Assurance Officer
  • Regular assessments of our Food Safety System by an External Quality Assurance Company
  • Ongoing Training to our team by accredited bodies
  • Health screening to our team on a regular basis