Our Story



Neriku Catering was founded by Neriku Zammit, with his wife Jane, in 1969. He started off from a humble beginning by selling sfineg (battered fish) and chips in Valletta. Neriku had a big passion for creating delicious food and he rapidly became renowned for his genuine and wholesome food. Neriku was a true entrepreneur at heart and a visionary leader. He was the first local businessman who invested in a commercial ravioli machine and set up a system on how to mass produce, package and distribute frozen goods throughout the Maltese islands. He also eventually expanded his business to outside catering.


The business was eventually passed on to his sons, Charles and Raymond, and until today they are the directors of the company. Charles and Raymond focused on the food manufacturing sector, supplying hotels, canteens and supermarkets with a variety of frozen food products and sweets. By this time, the company required larger facilities and equipment, so they relocated to our current 1000m2 manufacturing site in Corradino Industrial Estate.


Joseph, Karl, Anne Marie and Christian, the third generation of the Zammit family are now part of the managerial team at Neriku Catering, who have been working in the business for several years. They all have different educational backgrounds and work experiences, both locally and overseas, and bring fresh ideas and energy into the business. Subsequently, the company has now evolved into two main sectors; outside catering and contract catering.


From 1969 until this day, the company has shown growth and resilience in an ever - changing environment. This longevity and transformation were only possible by keeping our customers at the heart of everything we do. The Zammit family remains accessible, supportive and flexible in providing tailor – made packages for its clients. 


Furthermore, the directors, managers and all the staff work together, to maintain the highest standards possible to provide quality service and food to its esteemed clients. The culture at Neriku Catering is a ‘one team’ hands – on approach. This team culture is promoted to create a good working environment for all the employees.


Neriku’s innovative way of thinking had led him to his success and he has instilled this in his family. Thus, we are continuously seeking to upgrade and modernize our infrastructure by investing in the latest catering equipment. Whilst, our team of talented chefs and patissiers are always up – to - date with the latest culinary trends and are passionately seeking to create original, delicious and beautifully presented food.


The Zammit family shares a big passion and pride for what they do and want to keep on expanding their family’s legacy.