Kid's Halloween Finger Food Menu

Manufacturer: Halloween

9 Themed Finger Food Item Menu 


Thombstone Cheese Sandwich


Spooky green coloured Popcorn 


Ricotta pastizzi


Pizelli pastizzi


Mummy sausage rolls


Mini cheese meat burger 


Chicken nugget


Potato smiles


Halloween decorated Muffins 



This product has a minimum quantity of 8
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An assortment of four different canapes: Toasted French stick topped with Italian beans, capers, chives, olives & radish (V), Toasted French stick topped with mascarpone, sundried tomato, pancetta & chorizo, Toasted bread topped with smoked salmon cream cheese paste, parsley, caviar & lemon wedge, Toasted brown bread with mango mascarpone, curry, apricot & coconut flakes(V)
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