Kid's Halloween Finger Food Menu

Manufacturer: Finger Food Menus

 9 Themed Finger Food Item Menu 


Thombstone cheese sandwich


Ricotta pastizzi


Pizelli pastizzi


Spooky cheese pizza tray 


Mummy sausage rolls


Mini cheese meat burger 


Chicken nugget


Potato smiles


Halloween decorated muffins 



€4.50 excl VAT per person
This product has a minimum quantity of 8
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Upgraded Kid's Menu

A food menu made up of 9 items, which is ideal for older children. Minimum order is of 8.
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Halloween Finger Food Menu

€7.50 excl VAT per person
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Duck Spring Roll

Light, crisp-crackly pastry filled with shredded duck with Chinese flavours
€0.65 excl VAT per person
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