Halloween Finger Food Menu

Manufacturer: Halloween

Our Halloween Themed Finger Food Menu - 12 Items


Bloody Brain Tartlet - Walnut, blue cheese tart 


An assortment:

Thombstone sandwich with smoked salmon paste

Beetroot pinwheel wrap with hummus & vegetables


Spooky green coloured Popcorn 


Eye of Newt - Hard boiled Egg stuffed with pea cream & black olive


Witch Fingers - Pizza topped with melted cheese and salami tip


Mummy Sausage Rolls


Chicken Pie with black seeds


Black buns filled with slow cooked BBQ falvoured pulled pork


Creepy Eyeball Meatballs 


Bat Wings - Marinated Chicken Wings


Halloween decorated Muffins 


Halloween decorated Biscuits


This product has a minimum quantity of 8
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Angels on Horseback

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