Set Menus

Our specially designed set menus include a variety of your favourite items at a discounted price.


With our free delivery service on orders over 50 Euro, you can get your food delivered straight to your door, making us the perfect option for you.


 For each set menu:  

  • 1 item of each is provided per person
  • Minimum order is of 10 people
  • It is ideal to place your order at the earliest possible date, to avoid disappointment
  • Feel free to add other food items or a cake to your order
  • All displayed prices are per person and are including 18% VAT
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Graduation Party Menu

Our official graduation party menu

Menu 1

Menu 1 consists of 13 of your favorite party food items at a discounted price!

Menu 2

Menu 2 consists of 15 of your favorite party food items at a discounted price

Menu 3

Menu 3 consists of 17 of your favorite party food items. at a discounted price!

Menu 4

Set menu 4 is made up of 20 items at a discounted price.

Mistletoe Christmas Menu

The perfect Christmas menu consisting of 21 items, at a discounted price.

Snowflake Christmas Menu

Christmas menu consisting of 23 items, which includes a free mince pie!

Christmas in Wonderland Menu

Indulge in our premium Christmas themed menu for those looking for that something extra special. The menu includes items such as Avocado sushi, turkey cranberry croissant & pork belly boa bun

Vegan Menu


Modified Menu


Kid's Menu

A kid's menu made up of 8 food items.

Upgraded Kid's Menu

A food menu made up of 10 items, which is ideal for older children.