Finger Food

Have a look at our latest selection of finger food items we offer from which you can create your own menu.


  • 1 item of each is provided 
  • Minimum order varies depening on the item
  • It is ideal to place your order at the earliest possible date, to avoid dissapointment
  • Neriku Catering offers a FREE delivery service for food orders over 50 Euro
  • All prices are excluding VAT. VAT and Total Price (inc. VAT) are shown in the shopping cart


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Chicken Caeser Tartlet

Tartlet filled with chicken & bacon combined with Caeser dressing
€0.59 excl VAT per person

Tuna Artichoke Tart

Tartlet filled with a mousse of tuna chunks, anchovies, cheese, parsley, lemon juice & garnished with a hint of English mustard, artichokes & gherkin
€0.60 excl VAT per person

Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Lemon herbed quinoa with coloured peppers & olives
€0.75 excl VAT per person

Salami & Hummus Club Sandwich

Triple decker sandwich filled with a layer of Turkish hummus and a layer of soft cheese with salami bits
€0.60 excl VAT per person

Chicken & Guacamole Club Sandwich

Triple decker sandwich filled with a layer of grilled chicken breast & guacamole spread and a layer of crispy bacon & soft cheese
€0.68 excl VAT per person

Tuna Mayo & Sweet Corn Bun

The delicious combination of tuna and sweet corn, covered in mayo in a bun
€0.45 excl VAT per person

Sun dried Tomatoes & Grated Goat's Cheese Croissant

Black olive & sundried tomatoes tapenade, fresh green leaves & grated local goat's cheese in a homemade croissant baked to brown, flaky perfection
€0.60 excl VAT per person

Grilled Vegetables Pinwheel Wrap

Classic wrap cut in bite size, filled grilled seasonal vegetables, green leaves & flavoured cream cheese
€0.60 excl VAT per person

Shrimp in Filo

Shrimp wrapped in crispy filo pastry
€0.65 excl VAT per person

Cheese pillow

Herb battered mozzorella
€0.55 excl VAT per person

Duck Spring Roll

Light, crisp-crackly pastry filled with shredded duck with Chinese flavours
€0.65 excl VAT per person


We are excited to launch our new food item - Timpanetti! Individual baked pasta with meat ragu, covered with a crispy crust.
€0.50 excl VAT per person

Asian Chicken Cigars

An outer layer of light pastry surrounds the juicy chicken, combined with Asian-style vegetables, herbs, and spices including bell pepper, carrot, spring onion and coriander
€0.75 excl VAT per person