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We make sure not to contaminate food with allergens, however Neriku Catering Ltd is not an allergen free environment. So, even with the highest degree of care, we cannot guarantee that allergens would not be present in your food.


Hummus & Poppy Seeds on Cucumber Canape


Tapenade & Herbed Tomato Canape on crispy Toasted Rice/ Corn Based Bread


Open Face Rice/Corn based Sandwich with Parma Ham


Open Face Rice/Corn based Sandwich with Scottish Salmon 


Roasted Beef stuffed with Mustard & Rucola


Seasonal Vegetable Roll Up


Shrimp Rice Noodle Summer Roll


Stuffed Mushrooms with Vegetable Ragout


Grilled Polenta & Vegetables


Parma Ham & Apricot Skewer


Chicken Salad served in a Cup


Octopus in Oil & Garlic served in a cup


Fresh Fruit Skewer


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Seafood Barquette

Barquette filled with tuna chunks, anchovies, cheese, parsley, lemon juice & zest. Topped with assorted herbed zesty mussel & sweet chili prawn
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Assorted Fancy Cakes

An assortment of bite size sweet items; chocolate brownie, donuts, profiteroles, cannoli di sfoglia, lemon meringue, white chocolate brioche and frangipane tart
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Tuna Bread Roll

Sesame bread roll with tuna, olives, pimento, capers & mint
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