Cheese Sandwich

Mature cheese finger sandwich
€0.20 excl VAT per person
Dietary Requirements
Dietary Requirements Vegetarian
This product has a minimum quantity of 12
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Tuna Bread Roll

Sesame bread roll with tuna, olives, pimento, capers & mint
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Assorted Canapes

An assortment of four different canapes: Toasted French stick topped with Italian beans, capers, chives, gherkins & caviar, Toasted French stick topped with mascarpone, sundried tomato, pancetta & chorizo, Toasted bread topped with spinach, garlic & basil seafood paste, olives & radish, Toasted brown bread with mango mascarpone, apricot & raisin (V)
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Mini Pizza

Mini stone baked pizza topped with vegetable caponata & cheese
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Pea Cake

Baked, crispy pea cake
€0.23 excl VAT per person
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