Sun Kissed BBQ Menu

Manufacturer: BBQs
  • BBQ grilled Maltese bread topped with homemade garlic butter (V)
  • An assortment of dips; Traditional bigilla & Hummus dip served with galletti (V)
  • Stuffed olives
  • Beans in garlic (V)
  • BBQ Sausages
BBQ Station
  • Flame grilled juicy homemade angus burger with cheese & onion marmalade served in a bread roll
  • Herb grilled boneless chicken thighs 
  • Sweet & sour mouth watering spare ribs
  • BBQ flavoured pork collar
Salad Bar
  • Mediterranean green salad leaves (V)
  • Red pesto pasta salad with feta cheese, coloured peppers & sundried tomatoes (V)
  • Classic creamy coleslaw (V)
  • Summery potato salad (V)


Ketchup & Mayo
  • Fresh Fruit
This product has a minimum quantity of 8
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