Sunny Days BBQ Menu

Manufacturer: BBQs
Pasta Station
  • Pasta al pesto genovese (V)
  • Penne with sun dried tomatoes, anchovies, olives and grated local
    goat’s cheese
  • Danish salami & coloured peppers pasta salad


BBQ Station
  • Crispy garlic Rosemary marinated chicken drumsticks
  • BBQ flavoured pork collar
  • Premium grilled Maltese sausage
From the Salad Counter
  • Fresh mixed green salad (V)
  • Lemony Moroccan couscous with chickpeas & raisins (V)
  • Classic creamy coleslaw (V)
  • Herb mayonnaise potato salad (V)
Bread Basket
Ketchup & Mayo


  • Fresh seasonal fruit 



€10.00 excl VAT per person
This product has a minimum quantity of 20
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