The Italian Aperitivo

Manufacturer: Finger Food Menus

Aperitivo is an Italian tradition where a light meal and drinks are consumed, usually at the end of a workday, as a kind of warm up to dinner. 


This menu is ideal for entertaining your guests as it consists of a cheese & salami board and a variety of finger food. 

All of the items can be served at room temperature, leaving you stress free & with more time to mingle with your friends & family

An array of Cheeses


Goat cheese 



An array of Salami


Salami Milanese

Salami Napoli


Grapes & apricots

Galletti & breadsticks


Stuffed olives 



An assortment of four different canapes:


Toasted French stick topped with Italian beans, capers, chives, gherkins & caviar
Toasted French stick topped with mascarpone, sundried tomato, pancetta & chorizo
Toasted bread topped with spinach, garlic & basil seafood paste, olives & radish
Toasted brown bread with mango mascarpone, apricot & raisin (V)


An assortment of pinwheel wraps:

- Beef

- Chicken


Salmon & gaucomole vol - au - vents


Parma ham & parmesan flakes croissants 


Chorizo mini profiterole drizzled with honey and topped with crushed pistachios



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This product has a minimum quantity of 25
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